Important steps to clean carpetsThe most important step in caring for your carpet is vacuuming.

Frequency of vacuuming

Check the quality of your vacuum

Select the best vacuum for your type of carpet

Pay attention to vacuum bags

Check the belt and the setting

Change vacuuming directions

Preventative Maintenance

Place walk-off mats at all entrances

Use a quality carpet pad

Occasionally move heavy furniture

Protect carpet when moving furniture

Clean your area rugsClean your area rugs

Reduce periods of direct sunlight


The following article has been provided by your local IICRC Certified carpet professional Gersh's Carpet Cleaning.

Professional CleaningThis step is key to making your carpet last for years and looking good. Your cleaning frequency is dependent on a number of factors including a family's lifestyle, number of members living in your home, pets, carpet color choices, housekeeping habits, level of spot cleaning success, just to name a few. A good rule of thumb is to clean all carpet traffic lanes and frequently used upholstery at least once per year. Some high use areas such as family rooms, dining areas, halls, steps and baths may require cleaning more often, perhaps every 4-6 months. Don't hesitate to ask for our cleaning tech's advice during their visit.