After cleaning your carpet

For faster drying carpets…Carpets dry better @ 72 Degrees
Adjust thermostat to 72 degrees, or if appropriate open windows
Turn off humidifiers on furnace
Turn your thermostat fan control setting to “On”
Turn on all ceiling fans (make sure air blows down)
Turn on dehumidifier or air conditioning
Increase air circulation by running floor fans over carpet
Do not remove the plastic pieces placed under legs of furniture until carpet is absolutely dry. Preferably allow several days to allow moisture trapped under the plastic to evaporate therefore preventing rust or permanent furniture stain.
Do not replace furniture or area rugs in cleaned areas for 24 hours
Do not put towels on the floor as it will slow the drying process


As carpet is drying…
Discourage small children and pets from being on recently ( 2hrs or less) cleaned carpet and avoid walking on damp carpet.Discourage kids from being on wet carpets
If you must walk on damp carpet, white socks, indoor slippers or shoes are highly recommended. You may ask for shoe covers from your cleaning technician.
If you must go in and out over the damp carpet, leave outdoor shoes at the door or wipe your shoes thoroughly with a wet cloth each time before walking on carpet. Dirt will track off onto damp carpet very easily.
Leave your shoes at the door
Be VERY careful walking onto a hard surface (tile, vinyl, stone or wood) as it can be slippery!